Home Maintenance Program


Protect your Investment


  • The program revolves around a 50 point inspection of your home, performed twice per year. Every component of the most critical systems will be evaluated. Thorough checks will be done, using pre-printed checklists. A written report of the inspection will be included, along with recommendations for any needed repairs. Photo documentation of any deficiencies will accompany the written report.  
  • We believe that these inspections will help identify small potential problems before they become larger and more costly issues.    
  • The first part of the exterior inspection focuses on weather tightness of the building "envelope". Potential areas of intrusion by moisture, rain, and "uninvited pets" will be noted.  
  • Other exterior equipment, such as pool equipment and exterior lighting/ receptacles will also be inspected. 
  • The initial inspection for every home will also include a storm readiness assessment. Any areas potentially vulnerable to tropical storms or hurricanes will be addressed 
  • The interior sections of the inspection cover plumbing, lighting /electrical, window and door operation. The initial inspection will also cover possible upgrades related to energy efficiency, such as LED lighting and insulation.      


  • The biggest single benefit of this program is the peace of mind knowing that your house is secure. The threats of storm damage can be significantly reduced when all of the exterior components of the home are functioning properly. 
  • Discounted rates for service and repair work. This program includes a rate of $50 per hour for all basic repairs and $65 per hour for plumbing and electrical items. We do not charge a separate service call fee. These rates represent a significant deduction over the standard charges by other service oriented companies. 
  • Referrals for outside help. We maintain a list of qualified people to contact for repair items which we do not handle "in house"   
  • Optional "House Check" programs also available for seasonal residents. In addition to the twice per year total inspection, we perform a basic twice /month check on homes which are not occupied.